Can You Tip at Sandals Resorts

When it comes to tipping at Sandals Resorts, there is no hard and fast rule. However, if you feel that your vacation experience was enhanced by the staff, then a tip is always appreciated. Whether it’s a bellhop that helps with your luggage or a waiter who takes care of you during dinner, tips are always welcome.

  • Determine the level of service you received during your stay
  • If you received exceptional service, you may want to tip more than the suggested amount
  • Ask yourself if you can afford to tip
  • While there is no set rule, it is generally expected that you will tip 10-20% of your total bill at a resort
  • Decide how you will pay your tip
  • Many resorts will add a gratuity charge to your bill, which can be divided among the staff members who provided you with service
  • Alternatively, you can choose to leave cash tips for specific staff members
  • Give your tips directly to the staff member or management at the end of your stay
  • This ensures that they are distributed fairly and allows you to thank the staff members who made your vacation special

Can You Keep the Robes at Sandals

If you’re planning a destination wedding at Sandals Resorts, you may be wondering if you can keep your wedding robes as a souvenir. The answer is yes! You can purchase your own robes for the bride and bridesmaids to wear during the wedding festivities, and then take them home with you after the big day.

The robes come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect look for your wedding party. And best of all, they’re machine-washable, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Can You Tip at Sandals Resorts


Does Sandals Resorts Allow Tipping?

At Sandals Resorts, tipping is not required or expected. All tips are included in the price of your stay. However, if you receive exceptional service during your stay and wish to show your appreciation with a gratuity, you may do so at your discretion.

How Much Do You Tip at Sandals Resorts?

When it comes to tipping at all-inclusive resorts, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, check to see if the resort has a no-tipping policy—this is becoming more and more common at luxury resorts around the world. If tips are not included in your bill, then you should plan on tipping 10-15% of your total bill, depending on the level of service you received.

Here are a few other guidelines to help you decide how much to tip at an all-inclusive resort: If you received exceptional service from someone, feel free to give them a larger tip. Consider tipping more for services that are not included in your room rates, such as spa treatments or private tours.

You may want to leave smaller tips throughout the week rather than one large tip at the end of your stay. This helps ensure that everyone who provided great service during your vacation gets recognized. Of course, ultimately it’s up to you how much you want to tip—just be sure to take into account the quality of service you received when making your decision.

What is an Appropriate Tip for a Sandals Butler?

When it comes to tipping at an all-inclusive resort like Sandals, it’s important to remember that gratuities are almost always included in the price of your stay. However, if you receive exceptional service from a butler or other staff member, it is appropriate to show your appreciation with a small tip. Generally speaking, $1-$2 per day for each member of your party is sufficient.

Of course, you can always give more if you feel moved to do so.

Do You Tip Massage Therapists at Sandals?

While there’s no obligation to do so, tipping your massage therapist at Sandals Resorts is always appreciated. Your therapist works hard to provide you with an amazing experience, and a little extra something can go a long way. If you’re unsure how much to tip, a good rule of thumb is to give the equivalent of what you would tip for a similar service back home.

So, if you normally tip 20% for massages in the States, that’s what you should aim for at Sandals. Of course, you can always give more or less depending on how satisfied you were with your treatment.


While many all-inclusive resorts have a no-tipping policy, Sandals Resorts does allow guests to tip if they so choose. However, tips are not required and there is no set amount that you should tip. If you do decide to leave a tip, it is suggested that you do so at the end of your stay.

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