How Do Tory Burch Sandals Run

Tory Burch offers a range of sandals that vary in style, color, and size. The brand’s website provides a helpful size chart to ensure customers choose the right fit. Overall, reviewers say Tory Burch sandals tend to run true to size or slightly small.

Narrow feet may want to order a half size up for comfort.

Tory Burch sandals are a favorite among many women for their chic style and comfort. But how do they actually run? Generally, Tory Burch sandals tend to run true to size.

However, it is always best to consult the size chart on the website before making a purchase to ensure you get the perfect fit. If you are between sizes, it is recommended to size up. The straps on Tory Burch sandals are also adjustable, so if you find that they are too loose or too tight, you can simply adjust them accordingly.

Overall, these sandals are extremely comfortable and easy to wear – perfect for any summer occasion!

Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandal

Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandal is a great summer shoe option for those who want something light and airy. The sandal has a comfortable fit with an ankle strap that provides support. The Miller sandal also has a foam footbed for added comfort.

This sandal comes in many different colors, so you can find the perfect match for your summer wardrobe.

How Do Tory Burch Sandals Run


Is Tory Burch Sandal True to Size?

Tory Burch sandals are true to size. This means that if you order a size 7, you will receive a size 7. There is no need to order a larger or smaller size.

The only exception to this rule is if the sandal is marked as running small or large. In that case, you may want to order a half size up or down from your regular shoe size.

What Size Should I Get My Tory Burch Sandals In?

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of sandals, size is everything. And when it comes to Tory Burch sandals, there is no exception. So what size should you get?

Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right fit. If you’re a US size 7, then you should order a Tory Burch sandal in size 7. But if you’re between sizes, then it’s best to go up a size.

For example, if you’re a US size 6.5, then order a Tory Burch sandal in size 7. This will ensure that your sandals are comfortable and don’t rub or pinch your feet. It’s also important to note that Tory Burch sandals tend to run slightly narrow.

So if you have wider feet, then it’s advisable to order a half-size up from your normal shoe size. For example, if you normally wear a US size 8 wide, then order a Tory Burch sandal in size 8.5 wide. Finally, keep in mind that all shoes including sandals stretch with wear so be sure to give them some time before deciding they don’t fit properly!

Which Tory Burch Sandals are Most Popular?

Tory Burch is a high-end fashion brand that’s known for its chic, classic styles. The company offers a variety of sandals, from simple flats to flashy jeweled heels. Some of the most popular Tory Burch sandals include the following:

The Miller Sandal: This style is one of Tory Burch’s most iconic and popular sandals. It features a thong toe strap and a wide band across the top of the foot, adorned with the brand’s signature logo. The Miller sandal comes in a variety of colors and materials, including leather, patent leather, PVC and more.

The Gemini Link Sandal: Another popular style from Tory Burch is the Gemini Link sandal. This shoe has two thick straps that cross over the top of your foot, secured by an adjustable buckle closure. The Gemini Link sandal also has the brand’s signature logo on the footbed and comes in several different color options.

The Metallic Logo Sandal: As its name suggests, this style of sandal from Tory Burch has a metallic finish on the wide toe strap. It also has an embossed logo design on the strap, adding a touch of luxury to this already stylish shoe. The Metallic Logo sandal comes in both silver and gold finishes.

Do You Have to Break in Tory Burch Sandals?

Tory Burch sandals are some of the most comfortable and stylish shoes on the market, but many people wonder if they need to be “broken in” before they can be worn. The answer is no – you do not need to break in Tory Burch sandals before wearing them. These shoes are designed to be comfortable from the first time you put them on, and they will only get more comfortable with time as your feet mold to the shape of the shoe.

So go ahead and wear those new Tory Burch sandals out of the box – your feet will thank you!


Tory Burch is a high-end fashion designer whose sandals are popular among celebrities and everyday women alike. Her sandals are known for their comfort, style, and durability. However, some women have found that her sandals run large or small, depending on the style.

Others have found that her sandals are true to size. Tory Burch herself has said that her sandals should be bought in a size that is comfortable for the wearer.


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