Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Steve Madden platform sandals. There, I said it. And I’m not the only one—a quick search on Pinterest will reveal that there are thousands of women who feel the same way. So what is it about these shoes that have us all weak in the knees? For starters, they’re incredibly versatile. Whether you’re wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt or a floral dress, they always look chic.

And because they add instant height (and who doesn’t love that?), they make your legs look miles long. Trust me, once you slip into a pair of these bad boys, you’ll never want to take them off. These vintage Steve Madden platform sandals are the perfect summer accessory! They feature a chunky heel and platform, which make them super comfortable to walk in. The best part about these shoes is that they go with everything! You can dress them up or down, depending on your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a cute sundress or jeans and a t-shirt, these shoes will complete your look.

Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals

What are Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals

In the 1990s, Steve Madden was known for his trendy, high-heeled platform sandals. Today, these retro shoes are back in style and are a must-have for any fashionista. Vintage Steve Madden platform sandals feature a chunky heel, wide straps, and a comfortable fit.
They can be dressed up or down and look great with everything from jeans to dresses. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes to add to your collection or you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, vintage Steve Madden platform sandals are sure to please.

Where Can I Find Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals

There are a few places you can check for vintage Steve Madden platform sandals. One option is to search on eBay. You can also check blogs or online forums that focus on fashion and style. Another possibility is to visit consignment shops or thrift stores in your area. Finally, you can try contacting Steve Madden directly to see if they have any suggestions.

How Do I Know If a Pair of Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals is Authentic

When it comes to authentication, there are a few key things to look for when assessing a pair of vintage Steve Madden platform sandals. First, take a close look at the construction of the sandals. Are the straps securely fastened? Is the platform sole in good condition with no cracks or wear? Next, examine the hardware on the sandals. The buckle should be engraved with “Steve Madden” and the metal should have a smooth, shiny finish. Finally, check for any signs of wear or tear – authentic Steve Madden sandals will show little to no wear over time. If you’re still unsure about whether or not your sandals are authentic, you can always contact Steve Madden customer service for assistance.

What is the Value of Vintage Steve Madden Platform Sandals

When it comes to fashion, some items never go out of style. Others become popular again after a few decades. This is the case with vintage Steve Madden platform sandals. These shoes were first designed in the 1990s and have recently made a comeback. While they may be retro, they are still stylish and can add a unique touch to any outfit. So, what makes these sandals so special?

For starters, they are very comfortable. The thick sole provides support and cushioning, while the straps keep your feet securely in place. They are also great for people with wide feet or who struggle to find well-fitting shoes. In addition, they are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Another reason why vintage Steve Madden platform sandals are so popular is that they are relatively affordable. While designer shoes can cost hundreds of dollars, these sandals can be found for under $100.

That makes them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers who still want to look their best. Of course, one of the best things about these shoes is that they never go out of style! Whether you’re looking for a throwback pair to wear to a themed party or you simply want some comfy everyday footwear, vintage Steve Madden platform sandals should definitely be at the top of your list!


90S Steve Madden Platform Sandals

The 1990s were a decade of change, and fashion was no exception. One of the most popular trends of the 90s was the platform sandal. These shoes were often brightly colored and featured a thick sole that added inches to your height. Steve Madden was one of the most popular brands of platform sandals, and their shoes were often seen by celebrities and trendsetters. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 90s or just want to add a retro touch to your outfit, consider rocking a pair of Steve Madden platform sandals. Whether you choose a colorful pair or go for a more classic black or white style, these shoes are sure to make a statement.


These sandals are the perfect addition to any summer outfit! They have a chunky heel and platform that makes them both stylish and comfortable. The best part is that they are vintage Steve Madden, so you know they’re made with quality in mind.

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