Can You Get Tory Burch Sandals Wet?

Yes, you can get Tory Burch sandals wet. The majority of the brand’s footwear is made from leather and other water-resistant materials that allow you to wear them in rain or on damp surfaces without damaging the shoes. However, it is important to note that while they are designed to be resistant to moisture, prolonged exposure to water may cause damage over time.

To ensure your sandals last longer, it’s best to avoid getting them completely submerged in water or leaving them out in the rain for extended periods of time.

  • Prepare the sandals: Before getting your Tory Burch sandals wet, use a soft cloth to wipe any dirt or dust off of them
  • Find a suitable area: Choose an area that is safe for water and won’t damage your shoes, such as a sink or bathtub
  • Make sure to line the bottom with something soft, like towels, to protect the soles from becoming scratched while they are being washed
  • Fill it up: Fill up the chosen area with warm water and add some mild soap if necessary
  • Submerge your sandals in this mixture until they are fully covered by the liquid and leave them there for around 10 minutes to allow all of their surfaces to be cleaned properly without damaging any material on them
  • Wipe down gently: After soaking for about 10 minutes, take out one of your sandals at a time and start wiping away anything that can still be seen on the sole or straps using lukewarm water mixed with dish detergent (if needed)
  • Be sure not to scrub too hard so you don’t cause any damage during this step! 5
  • Dry thoroughly: Once you have wiped each piece clean, lay them flat somewhere where air can circulate freely around them so that they dry completely before wearing again – preferably in direct sunlight if possible (but avoid prolonged exposure)

Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandal

The Tory Burch Miller Soft Sandal is a stylish and comfortable shoe perfect for any summer wardrobe. It features a classic thong style that pairs perfectly with everything from jeans to maxi dresses, while the cushiony footbed ensures all-day comfort. With its eye-catching gold logo medallion detail, this sandal adds a touch of timeless sophistication to your look!

Can You Get Tory Burch Sandals Wet?


How Do You Clean Tory Burch Leather Sandals?

When cleaning Tory Burch leather sandals, it is important to use a damp cloth or sponge. Gently dab the surface of the sandal with the cloth and make sure not to scrub too hard as this may damage the material. After wiping down any dirt or dust, apply a small amount of mild soap such as baby shampoo onto a soft-bristled brush and lightly scrub in circular motions on all areas of the sandal.

Once done, rinse off the soapy residue with warm water and allow them to air dry completely before wearing them again. Additionally, you can also condition your leather sandals once every two months by applying a thin layer of cream meant for leather products directly onto their surface using an old toothbrush; then buffing off any excess product for extra shine.

What Material are Tory Burch Sandals Made Of?

Tory Burch sandals are crafted from quality materials like leather, suede, canvas and nubuck. The straps are made of either leather or synthetic material for added comfort and style. Each pair of Tory Burch sandals is designed with care to ensure the highest levels of durability and long-lasting wearability.

They feature comfortable cushioning in the footbeds, as well as adjustable buckles or Velcro closures for a custom fit. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more adventurous, there’s sure to be a perfect pair of Tory Burch sandals to suit your needs!

Should You Size Up in Tory Burch Sandals?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Firstly, your foot size and shape should be taken into consideration when choosing the right sandal size. If you have wide feet or find that you are in between sizes, it is recommended to opt for the larger option.

Furthermore, Tory Burch sandals generally run true-to-size but there can be slight variations depending on the style of shoe so measuring your foot against the sizing chart provided by Tory Burch is advised. Additionally, if you tend to wear thicker socks with your sandals then it would also be beneficial to go up one size as this will ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.

Which Tory Burch Sandals are Most Popular?

The Tory Burch Miller Sandal is one of the most popular sandals from the brand. This style features a slim thong band in leather or patent with a double ‘T’ logo on each side and a wide adjustable ankle strap for comfort. The sole is made from lightweight EVA foam which provides cushioning and support to your foot.

These sandals come in several colors and finishes, making them versatile enough to pair with any outfit. They are also available in both standard widths as well as narrow widths so that you can find the perfect fit for your feet. With their stylish design, comfortable fit, and reasonable price tag, it’s no wonder why these sandals have become one of Tory Burch’s most beloved styles!



In conclusion, it is safe to say that Tory Burch sandals can be worn in wet conditions. However, if you want your sandals to last longer and look better, it is best to minimize contact with water and treat them with a waterproofing spray. Additionally, you should avoid wearing them for extended periods of time in rainy or muddy weather as this could damage the material.

Overall, with some care and maintenance, Tory Burch sandals can provide great style without sacrificing comfort or durability even when exposed to moisture.

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