How Do You Know the Real Tory Burch Sandals?

The real Tory Burch sandals have a few tell-tale signs that can help you identify them. First, the logo should be an “interlocking double T” with two overlapping circles, which are usually found on the bottom of the shoe or insole. Second, there should be a signature blue Tory Burch hangtag attached to each pair of shoes.

Third, they should come in original packaging with all tags and labels intact. Finally, if you purchase from an authorized dealer like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales then you can be sure that your purchase is authentic as these stores do not sell counterfeit products. If ever uncertain it would be best to contact customer service directly at for verification before making any purchases online to ensure the authenticity of the product.

The real Tory Burch sandals are instantly recognizable due to the signature double-T logo that appears on every pair. The craftsmanship is also very distinct, with genuine leather and top-of-the-line materials used in all their footwear designs. If you’re looking for a reliable way to ensure you have an authentic product, then make sure to purchase directly from an authorized retailer and check for any relevant warranty information or authenticity seals.

How to Check Tory Burch’s Serial Number

Verifying the authenticity of a Tory Burch item is easy and important. To check the serial number, simply look for a small white tag that has black lettering with “Tory Burch” printed on it along with an eleven-digit alphanumeric code. If your bag doesn’t have this tag or its details are not legible, you can contact Tory Burch customer service directly to obtain more information about your product’s serial number.

How Do You Know the Real Tory Burch Sandals?


Are Tory Burch Shoes Made in China?

Tory Burch shoes are not made in China. Although the company sources some of its materials and components from various countries across the world, including China, Tory Burch’s main production facilities for footwear are located in Brazil and Italy. The brand has been committed to producing quality shoes since its founding in 2004 and strives to ensure that all of its products meet a standard of quality control and craftsmanship.

As such, each shoe is handmade using premium leathers from Italian tanneries and finished with superior attention to detail before being shipped worldwide.

Which Tory Burch Sandals are the Most Popular?

Tory Burch sandals have become a staple in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. The most popular style is the Miller sandal, which features a classic thong silhouette with a double-T logo and metal hardware detailing. This timeless design has been seen in celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Gigi Hadid, making it an instant hit among fashionistas everywhere.

Other popular styles include the Minnie Travel Ballet Flat Sandal, which comes in several colors and materials and offers maximum comfort while still looking stylish; the Jolie Wedge Sandal, with its chunky wedge heel that adds height without sacrificing comfort; and the Emmy Metallic Leather Thong Sandal for a more glamorous look. No matter what your style preference may be, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste from Tory Burch’s wide selection of sandals!

Where are Tory Burch Slides Made?

Tory Burch slides are proudly made in the USA. The company has a variety of factories located throughout the country, including in New York and Los Angeles. Tory Burch also sources some materials from around the world to ensure they’re using high-quality components and production processes for their products.

All of Tory Burch’s shoes are designed with comfort and fashion in mind, so you can be sure that your slides will be fashionable yet comfortable all year round.

How to Determine Fake VS Real – Tory Burch Sandals


This blog post provided helpful insight and tips on how to identify a real pair of Tory Burch sandals. Being aware of the materials used, quality stitching, logo placement, and other details can help you determine the authenticity of any brand item. As with any purchase, it’s important to do your research in order to ensure that you are getting an authentic product.

Ultimately, by following these guidelines for determining whether a Tory Burch sandal is real or not, customers can make informed decisions when buying their products online or in-store.

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