Tory Burch Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal

These sandals are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, and they go with everything. The Tory Burch Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal is a must-have for any fashionista.

Tory Burch’s Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal is a must-have for summer. This sandal features a disk detail at the ankle and a gladiator silhouette. The gold hardware adds a touch of luxury, while the lace-up closure ensures a secure fit. Pair this sandal with your favorite summer dresses or shorts for a chic look that will take you from day to night.

Tory Burch Patos Disk Sandal 

What Inspired Tory Burch to Create the Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal

Tory Burch was inspired to create the Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal while on a trip to Morocco. She was amazed by the intricate and beautiful designs of the Moroccan sandals, and she wanted to create a sandal that would be just as beautiful and unique. The Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal is made with a leather upper, and it features an intricate disk design on the toe. The sandal also has a lace-up closure, which makes it adjustable and comfortable to wear.

What Makes This Sandal Unique Compared to Other Gladiator Sandals on the Market

The J. Reneé Charolette sandal is a unique take on the popular gladiator style. What sets this sandal apart is the use of contrasting materials and textures. The upper is made of smooth leather, while the lower portion is made of woven fabric.

This combination gives the sandal an interesting look that is sure to turn heads. Another unique feature of this sandal is the ankle strap. Unlike other gladiator sandals which have multiple straps, the Charolette has a single strap that wraps around the ankle.

This not only looks different but also provides a more secure fit. Whether you’re looking for a new twist on a classic style or just want a stand-out summer shoe, the J. Reneé Charolette sandal is definitely worth checking out!

How Does the Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal Provide Both Style And Comfort

The Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal is a stylish and comfortable sandal that can be worn for any occasion. The disk gladiator style provides good support and coverage while the built-in memory foam insole conforms to your foot for added comfort. The straps are adjustable so you can get a perfect fit, and the treaded outsole gives you traction on any surface.

Tory Burch Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal


Tory Burch Patos Disk Sandal

Tory Burch’s Patos Disk Sandal is a chic and stylish option for summertime footwear. This sandal features a disk-shaped detail on the toe, which gives it a unique look. The upper is made of leather, and the sandal has a slip-on design for easy on and off.

The footbed is cushioned for comfort, and the outsole is made of rubber for traction. The Patos Disk Sandal comes in black or white, and it’s sure to add a touch of luxury to your summer wardrobe.


In her latest blog post, Tory Burch gives us a closer look at the Patos Disk Gladiator Sandal. This sandal is a must-have for the summer season and can be dressed up or down. TheDisk Gladiator Sandal has a unique design that is both stylish and comfortable. The sandal is also very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different looks.

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